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We help you achieve the business objectives by helping you reach out to your customers, generate foot-falls, engage with your customers through various engagements techniques and retention based programs and tools.
Why you need our solution?
  • Non availability of an aggregated platform enabling instant deals and alerts on mobile.
  • Consumer awareness/ prompt in sync to your ATL & BTL campaigns.
  • No one offers a customized scheme and offer available near you, as per your taste and preference – and that too on your mobile phone.
  • Discountson purchases across category of merchants.
  • There is a clear need of a brand that you can trust that facilitates and binds your business needs across barriers of time and space and connects you with your customers directly …
  • Where a solutions is just over a SMS or an email away and we take care of the rest…
  • Where a solution is offered to you instantly without relying on an out of the trade or Non-trust worthy partner.
  • Where your customers can save money and get value against the money they spend and still gets hooked with your brand as loyal customer.

Key benefits of running a Loyalty and Reward based program:
  • Studies show businesses can increase revenues by approximately 50% by retaining only 5% of their customers (80/20 rule).
  • Consumer spending is 6% higher for companies running loyalty programs.
  • Nearly 75% of shoppers belong to at least one loyalty program.
  • The average household has 12 loyalty memberships, but uses only 1 or 2 of them.
  • Loyalty cards increases frequency of visits by more than 25%.
  • When paired with gift cards, loyalty programs can increase sales by over 70%.
  • When paired with a gift program, loyalty programs can increase frequency by more than 35%

For a demo and personal presentation please feel free write to us at : mktg@rewardzunlimited.com
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