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Mobile Marketing:
Our mobile marketing services help you have a dynamic mobile website, optimize your marketing campaigns on Mobile through various mobile technologies including QR code, USSD, IVR, Android and other integrated applications to help you create insights for your brand or service enabling dynamic mobile access system with easy to use interface .

QR Code applications:
QR Code applications helps you achieve objectives as mentioned below:

  • Access to any online content
  • Mobile payments
  • Places and store location map through QR code applications
  • Advertise your brand or Service

Android  applications:

Android  dominates with over 70% of market share in the Smartphone segment , thus offers tremendous opportunities to reach the target customers directly through  Android platform using  various integrated marketing tools designed from advertising to promotion to purchase to engage.
We create & enable various applications for your business need-  from a basic application to an advanced customized platform ; considering your business requirement and cost.
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Mobile- a new digital world for Consumers, Brands and Service Providers
When mobile services were launched in India in the year 1996, little did we realized that mobile would become a day to day need and would replace...